Frequently Asked Questions

We understand when something has come up and you can’t attend the show as planned. We are unable to exchange ticket for a different performance dates at this time, but we can refund your ticket. If you can attend the show on a different day, you can then purchase a new ticket online. Obviously, the more notice you can give us, the better.

Tickets cannot be refunded after your scheduled performance has begun.

We believe theater should be accessible to everybody, so we do not have or enforce a dress code, but clothes and shoes must be worn.

That said, we generally recommend people wear nice clothes or date night attire to shows. It’s a nice way of showing respect to the performers for their work, and it’s what most of our audience members wear.

We also recommend bringing a light jacket or sweater. We tend to keep the auditorium relatively cool throughout the year for our performers’ comfort and safety (it can get extremely hot up there under the stage lights).

That depends on the show and your child’s comfort level. Most of our shows are geared toward adult audiences, although we have family friendly shows as well. We try to be transparent about show content and will label a show as “adult” if it contains adult language, situations, loud noises, etc. If you have any specific questions or concerns about a show, please feel free to contact us

Our auditorium has limited seating for patrons in wheelchairs. We do not have risers or stairs, and seating is general. Please arrive a little early so that our ushers can assist you with finding the best seating location.

Our theater seasons generally run from October to May and usually include 4 shows, plus any special events. Shows for the upcoming season are announced in the fall, and general admission tickets for each show go on sale around six weeks to a month before opening night. Check this website and our Facebook page for updates for each show and to purchase tickets. 

Our shows are performed at the Chaman Auditorium, which is located on Highway 98 (Avenue E) between 12th and 14th Street (also called Couch Wagoner Blvd). You can access the parking lot from Highway 98. 

If you are using a GPS device or smartphone to find us, type in 155 Avenue E, Apalachicola, FL 32320.

No. Our performers, crew members, and designers are volunteer members of our community. They generously donate their skills, talent, and time to our theater. Many of our performers have chosen steady day jobs in fields ranging from teaching to government work to retail to tech. They come here to exercise their artistic sides.

We strongly discourage pre-casting amongst our directors. Our auditions are open to anyone who wants to come out and try. Casting for each show is at the sole discretion of the director of that particular production. Please check the Get Involved page for information about upcoming auditions.

While performing in a show or working backstage is great fun, we do ask that cast and crew abide by a few simple rules. We feel it’s good to know what’s expected of you before you commit to a show. 

Cast and crew are expected to attend all rehearsals set by the director. We generally rehearse at least 3 times a week (but this is up to the director, it could be more or less frequent), with the exception of “tech week”, which is the week before the show. During tech week, all cast and crew are expected to attend every night that week. And of course, you must be able to attend each performance. 

As an actor, you are expected to learn your lines in a timely manner. Your director will let you know when it is time to be “off book”. 

We also expect everyone to be respectful and courteous to your fellow actors and crew members at all times.

We’re so glad you asked!

There’s a lot of ways to get involved. We are always looking for volunteers to work in the house before shows, people to assist backstage, help with building sets and finding costumes, and more. One way to get on our list is by visiting our Get Involved page and filling out one or more of the forms there to let us know what you’re most interested in doing.

Our storage space is limited, but we do accept donations depending on the item being donated.


We’re usually able to take clothing items that have historical value – vintage dresses, men’s clothing, military uniforms, evening gowns, hats, gloves, handbags, etc. We often need wigs, men’s tuxes, as well as gowns and dresses in plus sizes. We only rarely need wedding dresses and children’s clothing. If it’s something we could easily pick up at Goodwill, we’d prefer it be donated to a charity or organization that would be able to use it.


Again, we can usually take items that have historical significance. Vintage household items like phones, cameras, old radios, small appliances, living room and kitchen decor, and some office items are things we tend to use often. Some decorative items are useful as well. We do not need computers or printers but would love a cash register or typewriter. 


Furniture is something that we can only accept on a case-by-case basis. Our furniture storage is very limited, but if you have a unique or vintage item that might be used in multiple shows, we’d love to at least have a look at it. 


We’re often in need of things like plywood and construction lumber, antique doorknobs and handles, chandeliers and wall lights. We can also use things like area rugs, pool noodles, PVC pipe, old doors, etc. Donations in the form of gift cards to Ace Hardware or Home Depot are also very helpful. 

For all items, please send an email to [email protected] and if you can, include photos of the items.

Your question isn’t here? Send us a message and we’ll get back to you.